Technical details

  • simple, comprehensible, self-explanatory presentation

  • only one display for all networked systems

  • compact basic module with almost infinite possibilities

  • full internet control (depending on booked VS - Cloudservice)

  • Browser-based, no app - why? - can be used from any device, such as smartphone, tablet or PC, worldwide

  • 12 months recording of existing data via diagram

  • honest wiring, no wireless sensors - why? - Radio signals are vulnerable and can be disturbed by various sources and range is limited

  • no prefabricated cables - why?  - at the end, the connector on the cable never fits through the existing hole in the bulkhead and must be cut off. The cables are always too long or too short.

  • despite the almost infinite possibilities, it is possible for a tech-savvy boat owner to install the system alone (Expert page)

  • we use standard industrial components - why?  - Standard components are available worldwide, so it is also possible to repair the system yourself within a few days, even in the Caribbean

  • Extensions can be realized with standard industrial solutions, some of them have ship approvals

  • Video surveillance of up to 6 cameras possible (additional license and cameras necessary)

  • if necessary, we visualize your system according to your wishes! We work out your views / colours as specified by you.

The VisuShip system has a modular structure. The following functions are covered with the basic unit.

  • 4 - voltage measurement (monitoring batteries)

  • 2 - temperatures (expandable up to 8 pieces)

  • 12 - switching inputs (e.g. shore power, door contact, bilge pumps etc.) - expandable

  • 8 - switchable outputs (e.g. heating, shore power - relays are required) - expandable   

  • Internet on board via WIFI (SIM card required) 

  • various interfaces to connect e.g. Victron / Whisperpower / Philippi / Mastervolt /

    Super-B Devices, NMEA 2000, NMEA 0183, Cameras (additional license required)

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